Waterproof Kindle Paperwhite 2018

Why should you buy the ‘Waterproof Kindle Paperwhite 2018’

For those of you who are not interested in reading paragraphs and paragraphs of content here is the reason why you need to buy the Waterproof kindle paperwhite 2018. Well for one, it is waterproof upto 2 meters for one hour. Second the Storage has doubled to 8gb on the basic model. Also, if you wish there is a model with 32gb of storage for audiobooks and magazines

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Now if you are a person who wants to know more about the device before you buy them, then here is the detailed article for you.

All-new Kindle Paperwhite 2018 vs Kindle Oasis

Below is a comparison of the all new kindle paperwhite and kindle oasis. As you can see, the kindle paperwhite offers almost all of kindle oasis’s features except screen size and some novelties.

All-new Kindle Paperwhite
Kindle Oasis
From: $129.99
From: $249.99
Screen Size
6" glare-free
7" glare-free
Yes - IPX8 (2 meters, 60 minutes in fresh water)
Yes - IPX8 (2 meters, 60 minutes in fresh water)
300 ppi
300 ppi
Battery Life
8 GB or 32 GB
8 GB or 32 GB
Built-in Light
Yes - 5 LEDs
Yes - 12 LEDs + adaptive light sensor
Page Turns
Touchscreen + page turn buttons
Wi-Fi: 6.4 oz (182 g); Wi-Fi + 4G LTE: 6.8 oz (191 g)
Wi-Fi: 6.8 oz (194 g); Wi-Fi + Free Cellular Connectivity: 6.8 oz (194 g)

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